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20 Year Old Content Site w/Display, Affiliate, and Amazon FBA Revenues

14 December 2019
  • Affiliate
  • Amazon
  • Content site
  • Dropshipping

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Last Updated on December 13th, 2019

This business is well diversified with revenues generated from display ads, affiliate offers, and Amazon FBA. The website is over 20 years old and was purchased by the sellers a few years ago. They purchased it as a content and affiliate opportunity for the organic traffic and passive earnings.

After purchasing it they launched an Amazon FBA business that they could promote from the website. All the inventory for this business is stored at FBA warehouses. There are 9 total SKUs in the Amazon business.

20 year old content sites are hard to come by. This one is focused on the kids niche of “twins”. The site has a strong backlink profile with 19,300 links. It has a very strong domain authority of 50. According to Moz the site is ranking for 2,300 keywords. They have a Facebook group with over 10,000 members, a FB page with 15,000+ likes, and an email list with 10,000+ emails.

The sellers have many projects going on and are looking to sell this business so they can focus on other opportunities.

This listing is managed by Brad Wayland.

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