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21-Year-Old-Ecommerce Business With Less than 5% Amazon Sales

23 December 2019
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Last Updated on December 23rd, 2019

Established in 1998 this online beverage business has thrived by offering customers the opportunity to buy unique and often hard to find non-alcoholic beverages. It’s a simple model that has proven itself for almost 22 years. While there are approximately 300 beverage SKUs currently available on their website, there is an untold number of beverage and complementary non-beverage products that could be added.

Amazon accounts for less than 5% of sales, selling just a handful of products. By adding some or all of the remaining SKUs, a new owner could grow this channel significantly. While the seller strongly believes a new owner should be spending a significant amount of time operating and growing the business, he only works about 10 hours per week and has no employees or VAs.

With room for additional products, all inventory is stored in 1500 square feet rented from a 3PL located in Illinois. Since the 3PL handles all of the logistics and the owner does not need to come in contact with any of the product, the business could be run from almost anywhere in the world with a cell phone, laptop, and internet connection.

The seller has been burnt out for the past several years. After running it successfully for almost 22 years, he has grown tired, lost focus, and is ready to move on. For a buyer that enjoys beverages, this is an opportunity to acquire an established profitable business with tons of low hanging fruit!

This listing is managed by Chuck Mullins.

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