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5 Year Old Italian Rappers Private Record Label funded by Warner Bros

13 January 2020

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    40% share ($750K) of a 5 years old Italian Rappers Private Record Label funded by Warner Bros. The company makes income from Digital Rights, YouTube, Management Fees, DJ Set, Radio & TV Show and more. Warner Bros has funded the start up company with 120,000 EUR. The company is looking to expand the business model to other countries like Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain.

    The Founder is a well known italian entrepreneur, he has already sold one record label 15 years ago to Warner Bros. At that time he was considered one of the three most important producers in the world. His artists have received 169 Platinum Disc over the last 20 years.

    250,000 YouTube Subscribers
    50,000,000 YouTube Views
    30,000 Followers on Facebook
    100,000 Followers on Instagram

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