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6 Year VPN Service Company

25 July 2019

    Annual revenues


    Annual profit



    x 4.43

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    Property Description

    This company rocked the boat with double VPN and encrypted multi-data centre interconnects, while other VPN companies offered single-hop gateways. It was the first “double hop” VPN, founded in 2014. In addition, the
    business comes with its own Bitcoin processing e-commerce engine, saving the owner/operator 1% payment acceptance fees. The Bitcoin processing payment platform may be worth more to the potential buyer, than
    the VPN business itself, if adapted for another business. It is a secure and limitless VPN service.

    Quick Facts

    Profits may be further increased by

    • Activating a referral/affiliate program and investing in advertising.
    • Launching a mobile application for Android &iOS.
    • Incorporating other payment methods other than Bitcoin.

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