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9 Years Old Established Web Hosting Business for Sale

29 September 2018 14 March 2019

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    The company for sale is an European limited liability company, founded in September 2006, located in the center of Warsaw (Poland). It is a global provider of dedicated servers. A dedicated server is a computer (server) with or without software, located in a datacenter and connected to the Internet with an agreed volume of monthly data transfer. The Company rents racks with servers from a German, Dutch and a Polish company and on-rents in turn the servers to its customers. The rental of servers to customers does not involve the change of the physical location of the server. The server is made available to a customer by remote activation after the payment is made by the customer. The Company practices prepayment: if no payment is received by the end of the rental period, then the server is turned off (although there are exceptions for regular customers).

    The Company has one thousand dedicated servers under operation. It rents servers to customers in 102 countries around the world. The main markets are the USA, Israel Canada, Poland, China, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Azerbaijan.

    The Company has circa 3300 customers. The expansion of the company goes on mainly through the word of mouth of satisfied customers. The Company provides the 24/7 technical support through its team of 4 network administrators located in Poland, in cooperation with the support teams of server providers in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

    Sales are done mainly through its websites and through internet forums.

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