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15 January 2019
  • Amazon
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This listing is for an Amazon FBM and FBA business package created in August 2014 in multiple niches. The FBM business sells about 96k SKUs in the apparel & accessories niche and also earns from Amazon Merch, Etsy (2 accounts), and a Shopify site. This business has a trademark and is part of Amazon’s Brand Registry 2.0. The FBA business has 113 SKUs in the home & garden niche. It also has a trademark and is part of Brand Registry 2.0. The businesses have year-over-year growth and require minimal work from the Seller due to a team in place.

The first business brings in about 75% of the total revenue. The products are print-on-demand and the Seller works with multiple suppliers, so there is no inventory or production facility owned/maintained. This business has a Shopify site with Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. The social media accounts aren’t significant for the business in terms of sales, but are maintained for branding.

The second business is entirely an Amazon FBA business and sells products in the home & garden niche. The business stores inventory with Amazon, a US-based supplier, and an overseas factory. The US-based supplier ships inventory to Amazon’s warehouses, so the Seller doesn’t have to keep any stock themselves. There is also a Shopify site for this FBA business used mostly for branding.

The Seller has a team of six employees in place who manage most of the operations for the business, including customer service, fulfillment support and graphic design. The Seller spends about 10 hours per week on the business, doing a weekly accounting review for each business and managing the staff. The employees are unaware of the sale, but the Seller is confident they will continue with the Buyer since they are remote.

* These businesses could be sold separately, but packaging them together allows the Buyer to qualify for an SBA loan.

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