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9 August 2018 13 October 2020

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    Launched in 2008 as a web-hosting service, the business has evolved to offer a one-of-a-kind ecosystem for everything coding related: best-selling courses, hosting, books, certifications, and programming exercises.

    The high-quality content has found product-market fit with c.500,000 past and present motivated coders. The courses are highly engaging, with c.30% of students taking two or more classes. This presents a unique cross-selling opportunity.

    The business has shown consistently strong performance throughout the past year, generating gross revenues of c.$2.3 million. High net margins of 83% have helped the website bring in over c.$2 million in net profit over the same period.

    The acquisition presents the perfect opportunity for a buyer to enter the ever-growing market for coding education with a business that covers an entire ecosystem of web-development.

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