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14 January 2019
  • Amazon

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This listing is for an Amazon KDP business created in January 2017 in the gifts & occasions niche. The business has a variety of paperback books, e-books, and audiobooks related to fun topics and specific occasions. With nearly 130 total products in various mediums such as paperbacks, ebooks and audio, this KDP business supports 88 individual book titles with plenty of room for expansion. It also offers minimal work to maintain for those seeking to add this business as part of an on-going portfolio.

One product earns the vast majority of revenue throughout the year, with others doing well during their targeted seasons or occasions. The Seller recently launched a new series of books and added audiobooks to ACX to grow the business. With less competition and more legitimate review possibilities, continuing to expand the ACX side of the business is a huge growth opportunity for the Buyer.

The Seller uses Amazon paid advertising to promote their books. They’ve only recently started to use the ads properly and found effective strategies that also dramatically improve their organic sales. Outside of Amazon, there are no social media profiles or an email list associated with the business — a potential growth opportunity for the Buyer to consider.

The Seller spends 4-5 hours per week on AMS ads, changing keywords, and pricing strategy. They also run free promotions via KDP Select — 5 days every 90 days. The Seller has written a few books themselves, but have outsourced the rest to a mixture of writers. The Seller is still in contact with one writer and will share their information with the Buyer. A narrator for the audiobooks was found on ACX and the books were paid for outright.

* The Seller is including a non-monetized Merch by Amazon account in the sale.

* In June 2017, one of the Seller’s series received reports of copyright violations. Despite trying for months to contact the reporting party, no response was ever received. The Seller thinks this was a competitor and ultimately decided to just take down the books. Amazon only issued a warning since the reporter was unresponsive.

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