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Low Workload Blockchain Content Development Service w/no Technical Skill Required

14 May 2019

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    Last Updated on May 13th, 2019

    Launched in late 2017, this blockchain-focused content marketing firm is very easy to operate and comes with loads of new opportunities.

    When people hear the word “blockchain” they might assume they need a technical skillset to operate but the owners are not technical at all and never have been. They focus on business development and invoicing. The rest of the operation is very much “hands off”.

    The core services offered by this business are: blog post creation, press release creation, website copywriting service, and content editing services. Blockchain based businesses have exploded in the last five years and just in the last 3 months names such as Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, and Samsung have announced they are working on their own blockchain and cryptocurrency based solutions for a myriad of reasons.

    You also are not limited to blockchain based work. They have some other types of clients that come with the sale that include verticals such as SaaS and medical. What makes this business unique is the roster of clients and outsourced content creators they landed during the early days of this burgeoning industry. The list of reputable names they have worked with on the client side is a huge selling point to businesses interested in their services.

    The business has a mix of one-time clients and ongoing contracts. Each month the ongoing contract-based clients represents about 30-40% of their work but if you add up the “one-time” customers who actually order every month and the businesses that are on retainer that actual recurring number is about 65-85% of their monthly revenue. The business can be running at its current level for as little as 5-10 hours per week.

    This listing is managed by Brad Wayland.

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