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Portfolio of Online Newspapers providing Legal Advices

16 March 2019

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    The assets operate digitally with zero physical products. The sites offer readers useful content in the niches and generates revenue through Advertising and Affiliate e-Commerce. The websites of this portfolio are based on a completely unique and diverse traffic acquisition model that provides 100% unique well-written content to the readership.

    The Owners dedicate approximately 10-12-hrs per week (this includes content updates and management of the traffic/advertising accounts), this business is very passive. All assets are easily managed by 1-person coupled with help from a total of 2 major outsourcers – in the form of content writers, and SEO outsourcing as required. All costs are provided in the Profit and Loss Statement.

    2015 – Development
    2016 – Advertising Growth and the Addition of Affiliate Income Strategies
    2017-2018 – Implementation of GDPR Compliance & Continued Growth

    Google Analytics
    Combined Average Users per year: 2,800,000
    Combined Average Pageviews per year: 5,300,000
    Acquisition: Combination of Organic, Social, Referral, Direct, and PPC
    GEO: Primarily United States with other higher EPC value countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and France.

    Monetization Strategy
    Third-Party Advertising –, AdSense
    e-Commerce – Amazon Associate, Clickbank (Affiliate)
    Pay Per Call Marketing & Lead Generation

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