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Pr4! Alexa 1900 – 2 MILIARD PAGEVIEWS / YEAR – Pictures Meme Business

9 August 2018 7 January 2019

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    This business is an Alexa Top 2000 website with 2,000,000,000 (2 MILIARD) pageviews pro Year and with 1 million registered users (70% from the USA / Canada / Europe).
    100% SEO Traffic from Google, its traffic does not depend on outside sources like Facebook, Twitter etc. Getting 400k visitors daily and it has 50k active users. Active means a registered user makes an interaction with site by creating content, commenting, liking content.
    Also it is a pixel perfect site,100% custom made and bug free. It can not be done from scratch without spending at least $100k / Year.
    It is not a funny image sharing site, content created by the users and most of them are Exclusive.
    Site has a 500K Facebook fan page and 27k Twitter followers (Without any promotion). Only 10% of traffic is coming from Facebook, and this is pretty low percentage for such a site. Easily can be boosted to 1m visits a day by hiring 1-2 social media experts and effective use of social media.
    Currently it is world’s biggest humor community. It has 50k active users, meanwhile site gets ~400k visits. 12.5% of all visits are active in community and loyal registered users which visit site daily.

    Main Benefits
    – High Quality USA / CANADA / EUROPE Traffic
    – 1 Milion registered Users (emails, username, age,etc)
    – Established business with a strong reputation
    – Significant new marketing opportunities available
    – Dedicated in-house support team
    – Huge Potential

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