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SBA Pre-Qualified: 6 Y/o Absentee-Owner Niche Subscription Service

12 December 2018

    Annual revenues


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    Business description

    This niche subscription business caters to insurance brokers, providing them valuable research information by procuring open records data related to workers compensation.

    The business currently operates in just 1 out of 30+ states that provide similar open records data, providing a significant expansion opportunity.

    With the owner being an active insurance broker himself, this has always been a side business for him and has never been actively marketed or worked on. The 35+ annual subscribers have all been acquired solely through word of mouth.

    Churn rates are virtually non-existent, with revenues having remained steady for nearly 5 years.

    This is an incredible opportunity for someone with the passion and knowledge to market the business and increase its customer base.

    This listing is managed by Bryan O’Neil.

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