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Unique & Well-Known Cleaning Product Company w/ Astonishing Growth Opportunity

12 March 2020

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    Last Updated on March 12th, 2020

    This automotive cleaning products company is built around an innovative product that has attained major international media coverage (Shark Tank, Wall Street Journal, Car & Driver, etc.) and clear product-market fit with a raving fan base.

    The business operates direct-to-consumer through its own website and Amazon, with each showing equally strong performance and 5% of first-time customers returning within 12 months to purchase the bio-friendly consumables also in the product mix.

    This business is currently operating at a fraction of what it has already done in the past. Sales exceeded $3.9 million during their fiscal year 2018 when a national retailer defaulted on a large receivable, spiraling the company into survival mode. Significant work has been done over the last year to reposition the business for growth to its prior levels.

    The year-over-year trends may be down, but the fundamentals are strong, and many growth opportunities exist to capitalize on the existing market awareness and demand for this strong brand.

    A newly designed unit will simplify the supply chain, reduce cost of goods sold by 40%, and provide an opportunity to increase prices as much as 20%. Sales are split equally between Amazon and it’s own site, with almost 10% of revenue coming from well-known retailers.

    This business is completely virtual, operated with a 3rd party warehouse and Amazon FBA and can be run from anywhere in the world with an internet connection in just 30 hours a week.

    This listing is managed by Walker Deibel.

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